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Replace your worry...

Let's briefly discuss the concept of worry.

We all have them. Worries. They can be so overwhelming, right?

Simply put, the act of Worrying is all-consuming.

How about being consumed with joyous thoughts for a change?

So, here’s a bit of nutritious food for thought

It’s all in your imagination.

Worry is truly a negative use of your imagination.

In other words, you are imagining certain scenarios which cause you anxiety.

So, it’s all in your head.

Your head. Your mind. And, good news…

You control your mind.

So, do just that.

Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, just this once,

think about something that could go right.

Imagine it.

Make it as “real” as the worry. Replace the worry with a worthy.

You know, a happy thought that is worthy of your valuable time and energy.

Because truly, you are so worthy.

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