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Sex Therapy

A modern and nuanced approach to sex and relationships 

Sex may be the last thing on your to do list due to a busy schedule, kids, work, and stress.

You may be struggling with communicating

your needs and wants.

You're frustrated with your partner.

Perhaps you & your partner's sex drives don't align, for a whole host of reasons.

Can you relate?

You may be interested in trying something new and are unsure how to share or navigate your curiosity.

You or your partner may be considering swinging, ethical and consensual non-monogamy, and/or polyamory.

You love your partner and together have chosen to seek support with how to reconnect and rekindle.

You may be looking for a place to process your curiosities.

Welcome to the space that supports your relationship & intimacy journey.



I'm Jonathan.


I'm a bilingual, Spanish-speaking, EMDR-trained sex therapist who utilizes a modern and nuanced approach to sex and relationships.

I enjoy working with couples and individuals who are looking to enhance their sex life, intimacy, and pleasure through compassion, consciousness, and somatic (body) principles. 

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Jonathan

You are worthy of


deep intimacy



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