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Founder & Co-owner

Hi, I’m Natalie.


I’m a therapist for those who are looking to process life happenings while building a more nuanced relationship with themselves.




…you already consider yourself a fairly introspective person and would like to build upon this.


…nothing major is “wrong”, though you appreciate having a supportive space to navigate life & process your thoughts and feelings.


…you used to be overwhelmed by food and body thoughts, but they aren’t at the forefront for you anymore, though they may play in the background from time-to-time.


…you would like to gently weave a practice of self compassion, intuitive eating and/or body kindness into your life.


…you understand the nuances of food and body and how they pop up for you now and would like a therapist who also has an understanding of this part of your story.


…you are navigating the roles you play in your life (mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife, partner, colleague, entrepreneur, nurturer, caregiver, employee, neighbor -- any or all) and would like a space to navigate the nuances of these relationships.


…you would like to gently develop a deeper mind-body connection after years of dismissing your body’s cues.


…you are going through a life transition (graduating, moving, career change, motherhood, blending families, divorce, etc.) and feel you deserve to navigate this with support.


While I’m happy to help build and support coping skills (and do believe they are necessary), my work typically goes beyond this stage to continue to build depth and understanding with oneself. I have found that allowing oneself to explore while building understanding and acceptance can create profound shifts in a person’s life. As a therapist, this is what I believe and it’s also how I practice.

Pennsylvania license: CW019885

Natalie is also licensed in Connecticut. 

Natalie Asayag, 


[ she / her / hers ]



Hi! I am Jonathan. I am a husband, father, and therapist who specializes in supporting people navigating various life challenges including life transitions, parenting, spousal challenges, fatherhood, sexuality, intimacy, and challenging toxic masculinity. 


I believe that a safe space is a brave space. I do my best in crafting safety, which allows for self-exploration and healing at your pace. 


Please know that you do not need to be going through a life challenge or be in distress to talk to a therapist. Therapy is a valuable form of self-care and I can aid in strengthening your self-care goals. 


I utilize an integrated and holistic approach to psychotherapy. I borrow from various modalities (Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Developmental, Liberation, Somatic, and Mindfulness-Based) and work through a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens. I am trained in EMDR and have experience working with a range of populations including college students, persons living with HIV, and people in recovery from substance use disorders. 


I am a native of Lima, Peru, and fluent in English/Spanish. As a man of color, I can certainly speak to (and attest to) the various intersections we find ourselves in as well as the challenges of navigating life within these intersections. 


If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and well-being, feel free to reach out for a free 15-minute consultation.

Jonathan is also licensed to practice psychotherapy in Delaware and Connecticut. 

Jonathan Asayag,

[ he / him / el ]

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